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Cavorite Aviation

Located in the Salt Lake Valley, we can provide individualized training that will give you the most effective training, with a level of flexibility and attention to your individual needs that only can be found with independent instructors. You can learn to fly at your own pace and on your own schedule. We also provide accelerated training.

Whether you are learning to fly, looking to get advanced ratings, transitioning to a different aircraft, or want to get back behind the yoke. Cavorite Aviation will be your partner in achieving your goals. Come see how a student should be treated.

At Cavorite Aviation we are dedicated your training and success as a pilot, whether you are getting your license as a hobby, or for a career. All our instructors has been teaching for over 4 years and have accumulated several hundred hours of instruction given. They are not your run of the mill instructor that is looking just to move on to the airlines as soon as they get the required minimums. Our instructors have been around enough to know what it takes to instruct in an efficient and safe manner, to produce top quality pilots.

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Customer feedback

So, you think you want to fly..........

The number one item on my "bucket list" was to learn to fly.  So when I turned 60 I got my Sport Pilot certificate.  I soon grew dissatisfied with the limitations and yearned for the opportunity to get my Private Pilot certification.  I check out the usual places and was hit with the usual sticker shock.  There was no way I could afford those prices.  One night I placed an add in KSL.com for an independent CFI who I could work with on my schedule and budget.  I got several responses and interviewed several potential instructors.  I even flew with one who I rejected after the first flight.

I then called Randon Russell and I set down what I wanted to do.  He was willing to customise his training to fit my needs.  This cut out most of the ground school which I had received during my Sport Pilot training.  He tailored his training to fit my needs in transitioning from a very light weight sport plane to general aviation aircraft.  His practical knowledge of aviation was effectively taught to someone who would never be described as a "quick learner".    I also must compliment a man with nerves of steel because he never once screamed in terror as I practised my night landings.  All though I have never seen someone turn so white as a ghost that he glowed in the dark cockpit.   His revenge was to put me under the hood and make me learn to control an air plane by instruments.  Anyone who needs Instrument training...are you listening?  Did we have fun?.....  YES!

Six weeks later I completed my checkout flight and have my Private Pilot certificate.  ( I also saved thousands of dollars in the process! )

Anyway, I would recommend Randon Russell and his Cavorite Aviation without hesitation to anyone who has flying on their bucket list.  Just do it!

Bob Sorbonne

Cavorite Aviation was the best flight school I have ever visited. I am glad I found them. I am well on my way to getting my flight license.

John Rivers Provo, UT

The folks at Cavorite Aviation really worked hard to fit flight training into my busy schedule. They maintained the equipment so it was always in a ready state. It was easy to get flight time scheduled when my busy day allowed for it. Thanks guys!

Jason Childs Salt Lake City, UT